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Alternate title: How about we just treat each other like humans? Let’s face it. Nearly every developer these days is being “courted” by one or more people (recruiters, founders, employers, conference/meetup organizers, etc.) at any given time. As a developer and someone running a business to provide technical services, I fall into that camp. And as someone who falls into that camp, I am grateful that Michelle Chaffee wrote about what it takes to find a good match

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Learning to Say No

I had a conversation about learning to say ‘no' and being comfortable with saying 'no' multiple times last week with different people. It is a fine balance between taking care of yourself and not being the person known as a ‘no’ person. It’s something I’m still learning to do and learning how to be comfortable with it so I wanted to share my take on it all. Why Is It So Hard? No one wants to be a
- Learning to Say No

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Help Me Help You

In response to “But no women submitted talks” or “Too bad Jenna didn’t submit a talk..." I am asked, in what turns out to be a not so awesome way, if I’ll consider speaking at a conference or event. And if I won’t, do I know any other women who will. Sometimes this request comes after the speaker list has already been set and organizers have realized they don’t have enough diversity on the speaker lineup
- Help Me Help You

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