Biking Barcelona

My day began with a nice four hour bike ride through the heart of Barcelona with Fat Tire Bike Tours. I highly recommend the tour. It was relaxing (despite those who didn’t really know how to ride a bike and kept running into me), entertaining, humorous, and educational. I only wish I had tried out the bike tours in other cities I visited.

After, I decided a visit to Museu Picasso was in order. Definitely not worth the €10. Was thoroughly disappointed.

Parc Guell was next on the agenda and also slightly disappointing. The “walk” to get to the park entrance was uphill at (what felt like) 45° angles with only a couple escalators. I only wish I had taken a photo, but thinking I would be returning, decided to wait until I left. If there is anything I’ve learned while I’ve been here it’s to not assume ANYTHING. So, I didn’t get the photo since you leave using a different route. Nine bajillion people were also there so it was difficult to enjoy the views.