Finding a Technical Co-Founder: An Intro to Networking

Alternate title 1: Finding My People Alternate title 2: Finding a job in tech/startups As I chat with new startup founders and budding entrepreneurs, especially those who are not of technical backgrounds, I find that they are quick to ask "hey i have this idea. want to be my developer?" or "hey i'm looking for a technical co-founder. interested?". I've said it before and I'll say it again: finding a technical co-founder, and even hiring a technical someone, requires
- Finding a Technical Co-Founder: An Intro to Networking
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Alternate title: How about we just treat each other like humans? Let’s face it. Nearly every developer these days is being “courted” by one or more people (recruiters, founders, employers, conference/meetup organizers, etc.) at any given time. As a developer and someone running a business to provide technical services, I fall into that camp. And as someone who falls into that camp, I am grateful that Michelle Chaffee wrote about what it takes to find a good match
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Hiring the Best

This past week was a whirlwind of technical talks, heated debates over drinks, and lots of learning more about the people I work with. Here in Minneapolis, we hosted our annual Technical Summit, a two day conference for the technical teams from all of our offices across the world to gather. One of these debates was related to hiring. And how we always hire the best. For the last three years, I have been a part of the interviewing team
- Hiring the Best
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