All Lit Up

Last night I had the opportunity to volunteer to collect money and food donations for the Emergency Foodshelf Network. Turns out, I got all lit up! We were walking in the Holidazzle Parade in Minneapolis, dressed as Casey Jones.
- All Lit Up
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Explore Minneapple

This weekend I decided to explore my own city, something I haven’t done in an extremely long time. While I know photos at this location have been done over and over (and over) again, I decided I needed to take a shot at it myself. I initially went to Mill Ruins Park to take some photos of the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, but I couldn’t get access to the right vantage point (ok, so I
- Explore Minneapple
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Missing Ireland

It’s been a month since I’ve been back in the states and people continue to ask me if I miss living in Ireland. I always answer yes, but I’ve never really been able to answer the follow up question: why? Until now. The thing I miss most is constantly experiencing new things. Everyday was a new experience. Everyday I met someone new. Everyday I saw new places. It’s definitely not that I
- Missing Ireland
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