Attacking Technical Debt

I left for lunch on Monday shortly after sending one innocent little tweet: There was a problem connecting to Twitter. The Learning I received a lot of feedback and reference material from a number of different people here, here, here, here, and here. And I ended up learning a lot from this: Everybody has a different definition of “technical debt”. It’s not your bugs. It’s not your backlog. It’s not your mess
- Attacking Technical Debt
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Picture Me In Computing

As a female in the engineering world, I’m always looking for more ways to get young women more involved in technology. A few days ago, I ran across Picture Me in Computing, an idea hatched by two women who share a passion for attracting women to technology. The idea was this: tag all your online social interactions with the tag picmecomp, including tweets, blog posts, youtube videos, photos of women in computing, and of course, you with Computer
- Picture Me In Computing
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It All Starts With The Test

Why does a Google search for “ghunit test example” ask if I mean “junit test example”? Right there, that should have alerted me to how painful this endeavor would be. So far, I have been unimpressed with the documentation I have found for testing (among other things Objective-C related). As I mentioned in my previous post, I have found a few blog posts and user guides that I keep referring back to, however they are in
- It All Starts With The Test
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Are We Having Fun Yet?

And so here begins my Objective-C adventures… for all to see. For the last month or two, I’ve spent a couple of nights a week or part of a weekend trying to teach myself enough Objective-C to be able to present about my learning experience at a lunch ‘n learn my development team holds once a month. Typically the presentations are centered solely around software engineering or web design/development in the Java world. This one
- Are We Having Fun Yet?
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Mobile March: Uniting Business and Technology

Last Saturday, a group of local geeks and biz folks gathered on their day off to talk about where mobile is going and how it is going to get there. This was the first ever Mobile March event inspired and organized by the local group, Mobile Twin Cities. The morning was kicked off with an opener by Lisa Foote and a keynote by Mark Mosiniak. Lisa Foote, co-founder of MixMobi, as promised, delivered a quick summary of the mobile market
- Mobile March: Uniting Business and Technology
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