Finding a Technical Co-Founder: An Intro to Networking

Alternate title 1: Finding My People Alternate title 2: Finding a job in tech/startups As I chat with new startup founders and budding entrepreneurs, especially those who are not of technical backgrounds, I find that they are quick to ask "hey i have this idea. want to be my developer?" or "hey i'm looking for a technical co-founder. interested?". I've said it before and I'll say it again: finding a technical co-founder, and even hiring a technical someone, requires
- Finding a Technical Co-Founder: An Intro to Networking
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Alternate title: How about we just treat each other like humans? Let’s face it. Nearly every developer these days is being “courted” by one or more people (recruiters, founders, employers, conference/meetup organizers, etc.) at any given time. As a developer and someone running a business to provide technical services, I fall into that camp. And as someone who falls into that camp, I am grateful that Michelle Chaffee wrote about what it takes to find a good match
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