Pitch Your Idea for the Secret Ingredient Challenge at AWS re:Invent!

November 29, 2021

🏆 This challenge has ended.

The AWS on Air show is challenging you to pitch your ideas for the Secret Ingredient Challenge at AWS re:Invent this week!

This challenge was inspired by cooking shows where you’re given a set of ingredients and challenged to make something tasty and creative. Sometimes those ingredients are harmonious, and sometimes they’re not. Often during the AWS on Air show, hosts and guests will talk about creative ways they would use new services that were launched and what business problem they could solve.

And so the Secret Ingredient Challenge was born! Now, we’d love to hear your fun and creative ideas for what you’d build with AWS.

First things first. What prizes could I win?!

There will be one prize winner for each challenge:

Challenge 1: Apple AirPods Pro (valued at $249 USD) and $150 in AWS Credits
Challenge 2: Apple iPad Pro (valued at $1,199 USD)
Challenge 3: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 (valued at $700 USD)
Challenge 4: Nintendo Switch (valued at $392 USD) and $150 in AWS Credits

Sound fun? Read on for more on how this works and where to hear the challenges each day.

How does it work?

Each challenge has a theme related to the day’s keynote announcements and will challenge you to submit an idea. Challenges will be announced during the AWS on Air show during re:Invent and on the @awsdevelopers Twitter account. We will collect entries until 6pm PT the same day the challenge was announced. AWS judges will rank these idea submissions each day based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the idea, including uniqueness, creativity and ingenuity
  • Scalability of the solution
  • Potential impact of the idea

Winners will be announced during the AWS on Air show the following morning.

When and where is it happening?

AWS re:Invent is happening November 29 - December 3, 2021. The challenges and winners will be announced during the AWS on Air show each morning on Twitch, LinkedIn Live, and Twitter and in the expo hall at re:Invent. If you miss out on the live announcement, check back here for the day’s challenge and a link to enter your submission.

Got your thinking cap on? Ready to submit your idea for today’s challenge?

Enter the Challenges

Here are the challenges announced so far. Challenges and a link to enter will be added here each morning after the announcement. The current day’s challenge is noted by ACTIVE CHALLENGE below.

Challenge 1 (challenge completed)

Submissions closed. Winner will be announced Monday, November 29, 2021 at 9am PT.


How would you leverage open-source tools to build an event registration platform on AWS?

Challenge 2 (challenge completed)

Submissions closed. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 10:45am PT.


Pitch a security startup that protects laptops using AWS IoT, AWS Sagemaker, and Amazon S3?

Example submission (NOT a valid contest entry)

TypeKey is an IOT device that captures keystroke data on laptops to identify who is using the device. By leveraging federated machine learning and strong auditing enabled by Sagemaker and S3, our customers data is secure, and PII is striped using Amazon Comprehend. Our solution is great for companies concerned about insider threats or malicious actors getting access to laptops, as we can detect abnormal behavior on the key stroke level.

Challenge 3 (challenge completed)

Submissions closed.


Pitch a healthcare startup that uses AWS Sagemaker, AWS Robomaker, and AWS IoT

Example submission (NOT a valid contest entry)

BrushAI is an automated robotic arm that is used to brush your teeth to give you the best smile possible. Using our advanced image recognition AI built on AWS Sagemaker, we can detect what teeth needs the most care, and our robot arm will brush your teeth using our smart tooth brush powered by AWS IoT. The smart tooth brush as sensors that send data to the arm for optimal brushing.

Challenge 4 (challenge completed)

Submissions closed.


How would you leverage AWS Amplify, Amazon S3, and AWS Location Service to build an app for scanning tickets at events?

Example submission (NOT a valid contest entry)

I would build a PWA using AWS Amplify which allows our app to work on any device. AWS Location service allows us to create a geofence around the event to prompt our users with an alert to open up their ticket which is stored in S3. We will leverage access controls through the Amplify app to provide a downloaded ticket from S3 for the user. Ticket data will be will be automatically removed to glacier once event has passed.

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