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Communicating with Code

Have you ever had to jump into a codebase you've never seen before and start being productive immediately? We're writing this code for other humans and we need to remember we have these higher-level programming languages to make it easier for us and our colleagues to read, write, and maintain. When I first jump into a codebase and when I work in one, here are some of the qualities I look for.

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My Decluttering Journey

I’ve owned my house for ten years. For the first seven, I played the role of homeowner, sprucing up the place, gardening, home improvements, knocking down walls. All of it. It took an additional two years to admit to myself that I hated owning a home.

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Learning to Say No

I had a conversation about learning to say ‘no’ and being comfortable with saying ‘no’ multiple times last week with different people. It is a fine balance between taking care of yourself and not being the person known as a ‘no’ person. It’s something I’m still learning to do and learning how to be comfortable with it so I wanted to share my take on it all.

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